🔰Kit making tutorial ⚒MAKER : @FARHAN_S7 👉Pes2021/2017


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Learn to design a texture kit to be complete and professional
Learn to design fonts for kits and shorts and name fonts on the back of clothes
Learn the exact configuration of the kit and change the shape of the kit, collar, sleeves, etc.
Learn to find IDs and name files
Learn how to convert files to CPK and import them into the game

Has all the necessary tools:
Dedicated template kit with the best quality
The path of the kit files
All the necessary tools such as BLENDER, KIT MANAGER and ........
Tutorial image Names all original and configured texture files

Note: This tutorial is for pes2017, but the texture design is the same in other versions of pes (texture design is applicable for later versions of pes2017)
Importing kits in different versions of pes is different.